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Do you want to conserve water, support nature and enjoy a beautiful landscape?

Is lawn maintenance really worth it? Green Guilds helps you create beautiful, abundant, and low-maintenance solutions for your landscape projects. We’ll make you wonder why you ever had a lawn in the first place! We create Permaculture designs and implement ecologically customized systems for our neighbors in Minneapolis and nearby. Our work connects your personal vision to your local ecosystem, in order to regenerate balance, vitality, and sustainability for your lifestyle. 

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Serving the Twin Cities

Be the Change you Wish to See in the World!

Green Guilds Permaculture Design serves to help you transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

We can assist you in cultivating a more healthy and vibrant environment anywhere.

Ecological Landscape Design

Green Guilds offers custom permaculture designs to connect people with their environment while also nurturing wildlife, optimizing water management, growing food, and, if desired, can establish yield producing systems, such as compost, chickens, bees, food forests, children’s playscapes, fairy gardens, and more.

Landscape Maintenance

Do you feel like your property is overwhelming, you have so much to do, and so little time to do it all?  We offer ecological solutions to lawn and plant care, as well as garden assistance and compost maintenance.

Careful Tree Care

We love trees, and offer the utmost quality in our tree care.  Whether you need pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, or tree planting, we can help.  We know how trees heal and work with tree ecology to help them grow.  

Ecofit Home Design

Home is where the heart is.  The environmental health inside a home consists of air quality, layout, energy flow and décor that inspires or comforts most.

We’ve been creating high quality Permaculture Design throughout the Twin Cities

Mission: To design and implement projects that support a full spectrum transition to a sustainable culture.

Vision:  Green Guilds designs sustainability projects in every aspect of modern society, from energy efficient housing to socially responsible and just businesses.  Through cultivating partnerships and collaborative efforts with professionals in fields such as construction, engineering, education, design, forestry, agriculture, etc; Green Guilds ignites projects that support environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and social empowerment.

Triple bottom line: Earth Care, People Care, Fair share (distributing surplus).   The success of Green Guilds (GG) is measured by this Triple Bottom Line (TBL) and only when all 3 aspects are being nurtured is the company thriving.

Ecological Design

Raingardens & Pollinators & Food Forests. Oh My!

Ecofit Home Design

Exterior. Connect with nature.

We offer a full spectrum of services that help you create a beautiful and sustainable sanctuary in your own yard.  We offer Permaculture designs that support nature, conserve and manage water, grow food, and create a resilient low maintenance landscape. Do you have an idea for your property that you want support with?  We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals ready to help you today.

Interior. Enliven your home.

Have you wondered how you can have a more healthy, vibrant home?  We can help you design an optimal living space that can support your health.  Grow food throughout the winter, purify your air, and create a relaxing environment today.

Quality Design, Implementation, and Ecological Services

Whether you are interested in supporting native wildlife, creating a more engaging landscape, growing food, raising chickens, beekeeping, or managing water, we can help you realize your dreams.  Check out projects we have been doing throughout the Twin Cities.

Are you interested in living in a more vibrant space?  Do you want to bring more vitality into your home, especially during the cold winter months?  We have experience creating fresh interior spaces that provide oxygen, food, spices, and more.  Browse some examples we have of interior systems of sustainability.

What is Permaculture Design?

Permaculture is a design science that focuses on implementing systems which support abundance and ecological well-being, based on bio-mimicry. Since its conception, Permaculture has grown into a thriving international culture, demonstrating an ever-evolving synthesis of ideas, concepts, and practices. Permaculture reaches into and all elements of Life, including Land & Nature Stewardship, Health and Wellness, Tools and Technology, Human Relations, Education, Governance, Finance, Arts and everything in between.

Our Happy Clients

“A talented couple, a lovely young family and a great eco-friendly company.”

For a couple of years, I had been planning to put a rain garden into my front yard. I had a natural depressed area from a removed tree, I had taken classes and did some reading, but really had no ideal how or where to begin.  I also had a huge buckthorn problem and erosion. Basically, I was overwhelmed. Then, on our Neighborhood website, I discovered a notice from Alana and Joey. They were offering a consult and from that day on, magic happened.  Both are so friendly and easy to work with. They came up with a complete plan for all my needs and did all the work. They even offered to help with other projects that were not immediately tied to the initial plan. They guaranteed the work and the plants they provided.  I feel we have not only completed the project we set out to do, together, but have become friends in the process. A talented couple, a lovely young family and a great eco-friendly company. I cannot thank them enough for everything.

Rita Jelle

Alana and Joseph are a great team with a ton of knowledge – I saw what they built in Costa Rica and would recommend them to anyone with greens in their yard!”

Henrik Von Anderen

They transformed the front of our home into a welcoming, beautiful place!

Joseph and Alana planned and redid the front of our house, patio and front yard over the summer and fall. They transformed the front of our home into a welcoming, beautiful place! One of the most special gardens they designed and brought to life was a memorial garden for my father who passed in 2017. It is filled with his favorite flowers – peonies, roses, chrysanthemums – and it is the first thing I see when looking out my front window. I cant wait to see it in the spring! One other special “thank you” to Joseph for tearing down our old mailbox –  which had been hit so many times by the snowplow that we lost count. It now has hinges and a spring on it if it does get hit, a solar light on top, and a reflector next to it.

The entire crew – every single member – made a tough job look easy, and made our house look lovely!  We could not be more pleased!
Thank you Joseph, Alana and everyone who is a part of Green Guilds! Looking forward to working with you again soon!
Bonnie Polk and Mark Monson
Minnetonka, MN

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Serving the Twin Cities

Let’s Build Your Dream Together

Our team is available to help you manifest your dream space, both outdoor and indoor.  We love supporting people to connect deeper with their environment. Contact us today to get started.