Premium Bulk Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Looking for Bulk Mulch in the Twin Cities?

Green Guilds offers bulk mulch supplies delivered to your property. You order the amount you want for your property and prepare the space where you want the mulch dropped off. Mulch will be dumped, so the drop location will be in a driveway or in the street, so be sure that you are prepared to move the mulch after delivery. 

If you want to have the mulch installed, Green Guilds can also do that for you. 

Prices for installation range from $50 – $65 per cubic yard depending on the terrain.

Spring Sale!

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Types of Available Hardwood Mulch

Mulch is dyed with all natural biodegradable materials, such as iron oxide.  Delivery fee for bulk mulch is $100. If you would like Green Guilds to install your mulch into your landscape, additional fees apply.

Contact us for special delivery above 12 cubic yards.

Natural Hardwood

All-natural double shredded hardwood mulch, made predominately of oak and maple. This is a clean, premium long-lasting mulch.

$65.99/cubic yard

$52.80/cubic yard

Dyed Mulch Options

All dyed mulches use biodegradable dyes and are made from hardwood tree species.


$96.99/cubic yard

$83.60/cubic yard

Red shredded hardwood mulch in contrast to the green grass.


$96.99/cubic yard

$83.60/cubic yard


$96.99/cubic yard

$83.60/cubic yard

Golden colored hardwood shredded mulch in contrast to the green grass.


$96.99/cubic yard

$83.60/cubic yard

Order your bulk mulch today and get a jump on spring!

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